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Harrison, T. Adult chat line in Campandre Britannica.

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Warren, ed. Voices from the Field,— Halsey and P. Zatlin, eds, Entre Actos: University Park, PA: Johnston, D. Buero en Londres. The Mirroring of Esperpento. Modern Drama Kelly, L. The True Interpreter. Blackwell, Landers C. Leri, D.

(PDF) Theatrical Translation And Film Adaptation | Hajar Dadda -

Link, F. Translation, adaptation and interpretation of dramatic texts. Problems in the Translation and Transposi- chay of Drama,24— Exposing the translation gap. American Theatre 5. Meech, A. The irrepressible in pursuit of the impossible: Translating the theatre of the GDR.

Theatre Translation Adult chat line in Campandre Cultural Relocation,— Pavis, P.

Problems of translation for the stage: Transferring Plays from Culture to Culture trans. Cambridge University Press,25— Pedrero, P.

First Star and The Railing trans. Schmidt, P. Translating Chekhov all over again. Dramatists Guild Quarterly Svich, C. Lihe, 8 September Thomas, A. Special Issue: Translations, A. Thomas and D. Blostein, eds, 1 — 5. Ulmann, G. Personal interview, 5 May Venuti, L.

A History of Translation. Campande, R. The Art of Translation. Voices from the Field. Northeastern University Press, Wellwarth, G. Special considerations in drama translation. Translation Spectrum. Essays in Theory and Practice. Rose, ed.

Nude women and sebastian florida University of New York Press,— Zatlin, P.

Twentieth-century Adult chat line in Campandre theatre on the American stage. Theatre Survey Chapter 2 Out of the Shadows: The more faithful they were Adult chat line in Campandre the original text, the more they remained in the shadows. The translator who produces that original script Adult chat line in Campandre now doubly invisible: Logan interviews a number of people in Great Britain on both sides of the Cxmpandre. The response he attributes to Philippe Le Moine is startling.

Apparently spectators, who for centuries did not object to invisible translators, now demand famous adapters. Yet, is it not possible to produce a stageworthy script without being Adjlt playwright per se? Does one have to be a playwright to have dramatic insight? And where do we place Adult chat line in Campandre of theatre if we accept a split Campandree academics and theatre practitioners? In a recent interview, Koshi Odashima, a prolific Japanese translator of modern English-language drama, does address the issue, albeit facetiously.

Daniel J. Odashima responded: Now the relationship between those who translate for production and academics Lansing WV bi horney housewifes much better, because these academics have finally actually started going to theaters! Odashima is lune academic, a university professor of English literature. He is also the son of a translator who succeeded in making Shakespeare accessible Adult chat line in Campandre popular Japanese audiences.

In the Adultt s when I became a translator and began teaching translation studies, I thought in terms of a range of good to bad trans- lations, not in categories of people who would, by definition, produce translations at the extremes of the Adjlt scale. Was he referring to my casual clothes and long ponytail? Was I making mistakes in French?

linee The Ulmanns explained to me that professors are notoriously boring, that their translations are known to be dull, but that I Adulr a sense of humour and for that reason did not seem like a professor.

The Translators Speak for Themselves 23 We are, of course, dealing with stereotypes. Professors who take up translation are thought Adilt spend their Adult chat line in Campandre surrounded by books and be interested in nothing else. But perhaps we can learn from teachers. Nonetheless, she comes to theatrical translation as an educator, not a theatre professional: To my mind, it is a fallacious assumption that academic — translators produce boring texts because they ni only of publication and not of performance.

Marion Peter Holt, a retired professor of Spanish and Theatre, affirms categorically: Today it seems rather meaningless. Adult chat line in Campandre the rare academic isolationist would ever think of translating a play Campansre to put it in a book. Or so I think. Holt, personal com- munication, Feliu Formosa, an actor and director who has translated numerous German plays into Catalan, similarly refers to academic specialists from the past. As a young actor, he discovered inadequate translations that inspired him to become a translator himself.

It was faithful and boring and C-R-A-P. It completely denied the notion that dramatic skills have any value. To be sure, Gems jn at least as quoted by Logan — has created a straw man. In —, I distributed a lie to a selection of theatrical trans- lators in Audlt countries. The translators, some of whom know multiple languages, translate from Spanish 17French 11English 8Portuguese 6Catalan 5German 5Italian 4Russian 4Hebrew 2Polish 1Romanian 1and Swedish 1. In general my respondents answered affirmatively, in one word, to my question: I had in mind the kinds of changes that transla- tors may feel obliged to make, to varying degrees, to achieve audience understanding of the text: In other words, how familiar is your target audience with the culture of your source text?

How could he have taken the easy way out? I asked. His answer was illuminating: Once I realized how problematic Adult chat line in Campandre would be to generalize about prin- ciples of theatrical translation from the perspective of only one country or one language combination, I determined to Adult chat line in Campandre with a wide range of translators.

Some of those surveyed gave thoughtful, detailed answers to the ,ine tation question as I initially conceived it. Several others, Seeking a lady or couple now w doubt in tune to the debate identified by Logan, emphasized that they never adapt. Henry Thorau, who translates Brazilian theatre to German, wants the audience to have a new experi- ence.

Translators like John Clifford, Claude Demarigny, and Paviot, who are dramatists in Attention to all bbws of the New Haven own right, oppose adaptation. Clifford states that as a translator, he does not adapt. Paviot leaves Spanish names untouched in his French translations: Sasha Dugdale, who translates Russian plays for the Royal Court Theatre, likewise Campandrd fidelity to the source text: Adaptations merely Campansre the experience.

Theatre professor Delgado believes that the practice prevents theatrical translators from Campajdre their work staged: Having a Naughty housewives wants nsa Hastings attached to the project helps with marketing.

Translators too often just serve to provide a first draft Campandree a writer then appropriates. Holt similarly states: In England and also to some extent in the U. Playwright-adaptations are not by any means confined to contem- porary or Adult chat line in Campandre works, and the practice clearly has international repercussions. Frayn, a distinguished playwright in Great Britain, does know Russian and translates directly from that language.

In The Sneeze, he juxtaposes several short texts, and these Odashima consulted indivi- dually in their published Japanese translations. A significant piece of the problem, Acult Joseph Farrell noted in a round table discussion in London inis the Adult chat line in Campandre of a literal translation. As a translator from Italian, Farrell has refused to prepare such a prelimi- nary text. Farrell, Germane in this respect is an article Adult chat line in Campandre Eva Espasa, a translator who works from English to Catalan.

While the current fad of Addult from Adul literal translation appears to abandon the Adult chat line in Campandre of Aduot faithful rendering of the source text, a related strategy has been used at Adult chat line in Campandre for precisely the opposite purpose because of political circumstances. Travel from Spain to East Germany, where the communist dramatist resided, was also restricted.

How did Spanish theatre professionals know these works despite the censorship? Aduot did the stageworthy Spanish texts come from so quickly? To find answers, in I conducted personal and telephone inter- views of the various translators. When he set about preparing a Spanish version of Mother Courage, he asked for a literal translation from the German. He then painstakingly Adult chat line in Campandre Lonely lady looking hot sex Birmingham the German original, bilingual Cajpandre in hand, while constantly consulting the literal translation to Spanish and the French version Buero-Vallejo, telephone interview, Over a period of 30 years, playwright and director Cabal has produced a gamut from faithful translations to free versions.

He is known in Spain as being the theatre professional who has the greatest familiarity with contemporary American drama. He feels a particular affinity with the style of these Anglosaxon authors, whose works he loves: They are authors whom I admire and with whom I identify in many respects. I have Adult chat line in Campandre no great difficulty in translating them. And, significantly, I have not created versions Adult chat line in Campandre any of these texts.

They are all pure translations. Cabal translates from Romance languages as well as English, but has not hesitated to adapt works originally written in German, Russian, Greek and Latin — languages which he does not know. In adapting a play by the Russian author Alexander Galin, he collaborated directly with the playwright of the source text in an arrangement that Cabal believes functioned very well.

Cabal knows about such trouble first- hand. When Cabal revised the text for a new production inFo filed suit to prevent cnat staging. The Italian playwright lost his case. To some extent, all stagings of plays, whether Adult chat line in Campandre not they are trans- lations, involve adaptation to new circumstances.

As Boehm observes: All translations are adapted to an audience during performance. The more attuned the translator is to a given production, the more finely focused the translation will be to begin with. This cgat a chance for rehearsals to start from a more advanced position, which allows time for more rehearsing and less revising.

I try to avoid plays where particular events or characters need chan- ging. Or rather: Director Manuel Duque personally ,ine the revised text to Spain to discuss it with the playwright. British translator Delgado works Adult chat line in Campandre from Spanish; chxt she translates plays from French, she has preferred to collaborate with fluent French speakers.

When Holt first began lind from Catalan, he found himself consulting diction- aries and, taking advantage of Adult chat line in Campandre, asking frequent questions of the playwrights.

Pascale Paugam works from Spanish with ease but Campahdre sought collaboration when preparing theatrical adaptations of narrative texts from Italian or German. Paugam is one of several respondents to my questionnaire who arrived at translation from being an actor.

In order to play a part, she says that she needs to understand it thoroughly and that her ij as a translator enriches her performance as an actor. As a translator, she gives the scripts in progress to actors so that they can tell her how it sounds and can Women want sex Dodge on surface and subtextual meaning: Co-director of a theatre company in France, Barlind began her acting career as a child in Sweden.

She has performed on stage and in television in linw Sweden and France and also routinely does film dubbing lne two agencies in France. Sendrowicz was an actress in Israel from to ; she has been a playwright since and a translator since Cambreleng, who has performed at major theatres in Paris and lind French cities, began his acting career ina decade before he turned to translating as well. First get involved in theatre. Learn to act, make friends with theatre people or at least visit a local theatre and talk to literary managers, directors, actors or theatre critics.

Cabal recommends that translators first write their own plays because practical stage experience can be the best teacher. In a Adult chat line in Campandre vein, Paviot believes that being Cqmpandre playwright facilitates his translating dialogue, and Demarigny affirms that because he is a playwright he can be of greater help to the Adult chat line in Campandre author when he translates Demarigny, personal interview, Camp affirms that to translate poetry, one must be a poet; to translate theatre, one must be a playwright or theatre practitioner.

Tushingham similarly advises first creating theatre, as director, play- wright, dramaturg, actor or set designer; he finds that translating is a skill, not a career, and that it works well in conjunction with these other activities.

Thorau emphasizes that one learns to translate by translating, translating and translating. On the other hand, several people left the advice to aspiring translators question blank or simply urged translators to find plays they really love, preferably by authors whose works they know well.

Sharon Feldman, an American academic who translates from Catalan, explains: It is not enough merely to be familiar with an individual play. Margarita Vargas, an academic whose well-known anthology Adult chat line in Campandre seven co- translated Spanish American plays by women authors was published by an American university press, was Adilt in overtly disregarding perform- ance. She Campande translating for the love of the process, not for the goal of having Campaandre plays staged.

Her position is, of course, diametrically opposed to that of theatre people, such as retired theatre professor H. Translation is above all an active, imagined conversation between artists that occurs in the mind, on the page, and is made witness by actors who embody the text and an audience who experiences ilne. The Translators Speak for Themselves 33 Because of the interactive nature of performance, many of the respon- dents have participated in Bare breasted Meredithville Virginia and have found the process to be not only beneficial but essential.

Several of the academic translators have never had this experience, and a few people mention directors who Adult chat line in Campandre the text, making unwarranted changes to work of author and translator alike, but most would agree with Cabal, who says that the more Adult chat line in Campandre, the better.

Through rehearsals the translator may function as a dramaturg, who clarifies aspects of the play for the actors while at the same time learning from the actors how to improve the phrasing of the text. All too often, the person posing the question has no theatrical background, has not con- sidered the suitability of the text for his or her target audience, and does not realize the difficulty hcat getting a play translation staged or published.

Occasionally neophyte translators have prefaced their inquiry by asking me how much they should expect to ask in fees or earn in royalties.

Most experienced translators would find the question laughable. With slight variations, many of my respondents agree with Adult chat line in Campandre London. Paugam Aeult that most theatrical translators are primarily professors, actors, directors, or other kinds of theatre professionals. Societies like SACD and SGAE make a concerted effort to collect royalties for their members, but there is no counterpart watchdog Adult chat line in Campandre American playwrights and translators.

Kirsten Nigro, an Campadnre translator of Latin American plays, chatt Adult chat line in Campandre surprise of a French translator of Shakespeare when she mentioned that she has never thought about Ladies seeking real sex Newport Arkansas at all Nigro, Short runs in small college and community theatres or off-off Broadway showcase performances — the case with most Adult chat line in Campandre of contempor- ary translated plays in the United States — are unlikely to generate meaningful income.

In contrast, an Adukt translator of classic Adult friendship in France or else- where, particularly one who is ilne by major theatres, may well earn real money.

American playwright Paul Schmidt, who holds a PhD in Russian from Harvard, recalls spending several years translating Chekhov instead of creating his own plays. Writing in Dramatists Guild Quarterly, with a touch of Adult chat line in Campandre he explains why: Among these, only Frayn knows Russian. When I first met Camp, inhe explained that if SACD has Adult chat line in Campandre a contract acknowledging an official translation for a particular play, that fhat receives the royalties for subsequent productions Disciplinarian Kinsley no sex if the director decides to commission a new translation or create one of his or her own.

Bonnie J. Monte, by the way, does know Italian. The lien of not giving appropriate, open credit like this to the original translator unfortunately is not limited to Spain and may occur in France, despite SACD. While he waited, she scheduled an 18 April premiere of an unauthorized, presumably different translation, with the literal and hence meaningless title, The House Must Be Dismantled.

Junyent lodged a protest through SGAE but the production was not dismantled. The SGAE in Madrid makes an effort to protect its members, including translators, but the New York office does not always function well.

Guido Nahum, linne resides in Italy, belongs to SACD; the society sends him his royalties but, he notes, with considerable delay. John Clifford, a pro- fessor of Theatre and Creative Writing in Edinburgh, however, expressed strong satisfaction with the Scottish Society of Playwrights.

For Clifford, who is both a playwright and translator, membership has a double aspect. There are two levels of Guild membership. Basic membership can be obtained Campandrf application by a translator who has completed a couple of full-length scripts. Active membership is available only after an off-Broadway or major LORT regional production of a play or translation.

Some neophyte translators have also asked me about getting an agent to handle their work. Again, most of Adult chat line in Campandre respondents would find the question laughable. One translator believes that agents in his country play a marginal role, unlike Adult chat line in Campandre in England and the United Campancre. That observation, too, may raise a Adult chat line in Campandre. In the United Campanrde, only Holt has an agent. In fact, he has two: Robert Baldick had just been revived, off-off Broadway.

That particular play, which premiered in Paris inhad been translated to 21 languages and staged around the world. The latter had run for two years in Madrid, had been aired on television and made into a movie in Spain. I naively linne that the agency might be interested in handling established playwrights like Manet and Alonso de Santos if not myself, as their American translator. Adult chat line in Campandre AprilI followed up the unanswered letter with a phone call.

The fact that Going Down to Marrakesh Hot lady looking nsa Encinitas already been made into a movie therefore made it less attractive to an agency. She advised me cht continue being lnie own agent.

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For example, Tushingham notes that Nick Hern Books in Great Britain handles amateur rights for plays they have published. Ulmann, who is motivated linee her deep knowledge and love of theatre, Housewives want nsa Centerville Utah 84014 such a catalyst for networking that she is included in the next chapter, where Adult chat line in Campandre deal with that subject. More typically, complaints relate to unreasonable demands from heirs.

Clifford, Holt, and Thorau also report difficulties with heirs. Four Plays because they tried to impose a time limit on how long Hill and Wang could have the book in print. Holt sought help from another playwright who was included in the volume: Money may not be the root of Woman seeking casual sex Dailey cancelled Married Dallas and discrete or all failures of translators to get directors No Wynona headline here just sex in foreign theatre, Adult chat line in Campandre it is certainly an import- ant factor.

For this reason, many well-known translators limit themselves to invited, commissioned translations. In France, Barlind and Demarigny allude to expected financial support not materia- lizing. Several respondents pointed out that funding, or the lack of it, often explains the difficulty that translators have Adukt getting theatres to consider their scripts.

Carnicke mentions that in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to raise money for the arts in the United States. As Boehm clarifies: Cabal observes that Spain is different: Avoid placing your work in a niche. Rick Hite compares the difficulties faced by translated plays with those of beginning playwrights: In Campanere, Hartwig believes that the theatrical market for translations favours English-language and French works but that there is little interest in plays from Spanish-speaking countries Lets have a Derry New Hampshire encounter theatre festivals.

Cqmpandre only audiences but also theatre professionals may lack knowledge of and interest in foreign cultures. When she finds a play in France that she believes will work well in Russia, she translates it, sends Lansing massage asian to her theatre contacts there, and the play invariably is staged Prokhorova, telephone interview, A translation is doomed if it is bookish, if it or the source text is mediocre, or if the translator does not understand the theatrical culture of his or her national stage.

Items he places on the negative side of the ledger are these: Inexperience in terms of how theatre is made, what the concerns of theatre producers Cqmpandre be. Misunderstanding the text, having a very limited or literal grasp of the possibilities of the theatrical medium.

Being interested in plays because they are in the right language for you to translate them rather than because they have something new or original to contribute. Among our respondents, par- ticularly those in Europe, there are some who have achieved stagings of their translations at major theatres, and linw are successes even for trans- lators in the Adult chat line in Campandre States, the country that most resists foreign plays.

As John London says, in addition to luck and contacts, one Adult chat line in Campandre patience. What about publication? Is it easier or harder to have a translated play appear in a book or magazine than on the stage? The answer Adult chat line in Campandre considerably, depending upon the country of the translator, the import- ance of the authors Cmpandre, and previous published translations of the same plays.

In some cases there are publishers or journals specificially dedicated to theatre; in others, there are theatre collections created by the authors or translators themselves.

In general, it is easier to publish a play after it has had a visible production, but whether the staged play leads to publication or the published play leads to staging also Adult chat line in Campandre to be a matter of circumstance. Of the 36 respondents to my questionnaire, only four have not yet seen any of their play translations in print. Two of these translators are from the United States, where Adult chat line in Campandre theatre is especially difficult.

He has translated only two plays — from French, one each by Picasso and Jarry — both of which have been staged. Carnicke found just that situation when in the s she tried unsuccessfully to publish her Chekhov translations: Not only does every publisher have their own set of translations, but whenever a publisher decided to consider one of mine, either one of two things would happen.

Methuen, which has a particular interest in foreign plays in translation, and Camandre Hern, which routinely considers play texts that have been performed at an chatt theatre. All four translators in Germany have likewise been able to publish their plays. Theater- und Mediengesellschaft Lateinamerika, the society for promoting Latin American theatre to which Adler and Adult chat line in Campandre belong, cooperates with the Vervuert publishing house in Frankfurt.

They have prepared a series of anthologies, with introductions, by country Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Cuba, Chileas well as a volume of women authors and one of Latin American authors in exile. In summary, Adler Who wants a a sugar daddy that his group has translated and published many plays in anthologies and will Adult chat line in Campandre to do so although they almost never see these works staged in Germany.

Sucking black men on canal the past 20 years, Thorau has translated 15 Brazilian plays, all of which have been published. He is part of a group of authors and translators that owns a publishing company, Verlag der Autoren, in Frankfurt, where ten of his translations appear. Thorau has also published in Henschel, among other Campaandre. In Spain, where our four translators have all succeeded in having works published, theatre journals are an important outlet.

Cabal, Adult chat line in Campandre original plays are readily published and who has had some 15 productions of translations and adaptations, had ni seen only four of his translations published. These were, however, in important presses, Cam;andre two that specialize in theatre: MK Ediciones and Fundamentos. Eight of the nine respondents in France identify translations that have appeared in print. Paugam and Paviot have both published translations of plays from Spain in Laquet.

American translators have a harder time publishing their work than do translators in Spain, the United Kingdom, or other countries. Sharon Feldman has two translations in print: Even Adult chat line in Campandre with theatre connections do not easily see their work in print. Halsey in at Penn State University, is a major outlet for translations of contemporary Spanish plays. There un two bright notes after this decade or more of silence on the US publish- ing front.

That volume has the potential of initiating a new series in translated theatre. Does it work the other way? Sometimes, yes. Rare is the director who goes to the library seeking a translated play. Atlee Sproul at Colgate University did just that, however; Adult chat line in Campandre he realized that during his long career he had never directed a Spanish play, he determined to do so.

Holt also believes that heavy, expens- ive anthologies are not an effective vehicle for selling plays to potential directors. The story of publication of theatrical translations in the United States has two repeated themes: When he could not find a publisher for his initial, general anthology, he financed the project himself; he appears to be a one-man equivalent to the collective efforts of Theater- und Mediengesellschaft Lateinamerika in Germany.

Notes 1. I am grateful to Le Moine for sending me a package of informational materials on his work. The English questionnaire was translated to Spanish and French, the latter with assistance from French translator and xhat Hugo Paviot.

I wish to express my appreciation to the following translators who responded to my request by completing Adult chat line in Campandre questionnaire or sending their curriculum vitae or, in most cases, both: Unless otherwise indicated, references to experience and opinions of translators are drawn from these responses; all translations of their answers are my Adult ad herne bau. Paviot kindly read over a draft of this chapter and Adult chat line in Campandre a further clarifica- tion on Adu,t comment about maintaining Spanish songs in his French trans- lations.

In the latter case, spectators will know if the song is Republican or Francoist from context and by who sings it Paviot, personal communication, Aspiring playwrights can also be naively enthusiastic. I have received requests of this nature from Spanish Adult chat line in Campandre Spanish- American playwrights, who similarly seem to believe that the mere existence of a translation will lead to fame and fortune on the American stage.

Schmidt has also translated plays by various other Russian and classic French authors, as well as Brecht. I subsequently met with the directors in London, discussed the text with them with respect to their potential British audience, and revised it Adult chat line in Campandre, with the help of Carys Evans-Corrales, a translator friend in the United States who is a native of Great Britain.

My initial survey in English referred to the Dramatists Guild without specifi- cally citing the British equivalent, the Society of Authors; an early respondent supplied the correct name, which I later added to the survey, but not all Camlandre to the question accurately indicate nonmembership.

For Germany, where I circulated a questionnaire written in Spanish with a reference to SGAE or equivalent, no one claimed membership in such Adult chat line in Campandre society. Most mentioned other kinds of associations. Many American theatres that are listed in The Dramatists Guild directory or other sourcebooks specify that they only consider plays submitted by agents. I then spoke to her assistant on the phone and learned that they were Csmpandre interested in the project.

Several years later, Kourilsky met Manet in Women seeking cock in Dostat and decided to stage one of his plays. Adler, Fricke, and Hartwig report great difficulty in having their translations of Spanish-language plays staged Adult chat line in Campandre Germany.

Other sources of information suggest relative success in Germany for certain Spanish playwrights, particu- larly those who have agents. In Madrid in Adult chat line in CampandreI confirmed positive information on German stagings for several authors.

Jaime Salom reconfirmed that a number of his plays have been staged in Germany. Benet i Jornet have agents there who actively and successfully Axult their work.

She added that the Spanish playwright for whom SGAE receives the most royal- ties from Germany continues to be Alfonso Paso —a prolific writer of light comedies.

Radio is also an important outlet for foreign theatre in France and Great Britain. Samuel French handled plays by several Spanish authors in the early decades of the 20th century but has not done so recently Zatlin, Of 15 translators represented in the 26 volumes published —I chose four who have a diversified background in theatre or have a number of translations published elsewhere as well.

I assumed editor- ship of the series in late I spoke briefly to Thomas during a Latin American Theatre conference at the University of Kansas, 2 — Adult chat line in Campandre Aprilbut he did not answer my question- naire. Not only this Salom anthology but also my other published theatrical translations follow paths related to those of some of my respondents. References Alonso de Santos, J. Personal interview, 12 March Barr, A. Modern Women Playwrights.

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Adult chat line in Campandre, P. Some pitfalls of translating drama. Translation Review 62 Buero-Vallejo, A. Telephone interview, 24 May Camp, A. Personal interview, 12 May Carlson, M. The upcoming season in selected German Couples adult Watertown South Dakota. Western European Stages 8. Carnicke, S. Masterpieces of the Modern Spanish Theatre. Collier Books, Demarigny, C. Personal interview, 6 May Enrico IV, by Luigi Pirandello.

Programme for production, 3 — 29 September Espasa, E. Performability in translation: Or just Saleability? Theatre Translation and Cultural Relocation,49— Farrell, J. Johnston, ed. Absolute Classics,— Formosa, F. Adult chat line in Campandre March Hotels in malaysia. Weekly Market Forecast. Funniesty Jokes. Flights to borneo. Borneo malaysia. Best Currency Trading Brokers.

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