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I have talked to two others: Anyone else that might read this that was actually there, please feel free to contact me if you.

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VR Brian Sellers briansellers bellsouth. It would be great to have a reaction to it from someone who was there. My email is tummac gmail. I was wondering if any knew of a Curt Rhoton from Yakima Washington. Thank you for your service to our country. Did you know him? I was never there but he was a friend of mine. He was from my hometown, Millville New jersey. Rich was a Combat Seargent. He passed away last year from cancer of the spine.

Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys took him over 30 Sexy women wants casual sex Pittsfield to get his disability pay from the government.

He only lived a few years after he got it.

My Husband Steven L Dutton was in the battle of Hamberger Hill also st Airborne he developed cancer and lived with inoperable cancer for over three years before he passed away 14 years ago.

Once again the VA turned him down when he put in a claim. It is a shame that the Government turned their backs on these guys when their second battle with Agent Orange much worse than syape first Hamberger Hill. Two wars in one lifetime and no one seemed to really care.

Looking Men Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys

Ida, You Anyy to fill out forms which you can download on line. Fill them out and with a DD and death certificate, send to your state VVA representitive who will fight in your behalf for compensation for you. To Lt.

Trautmann, and Spl. Baylor, thank you and all Vietnam Vets Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys well as all guya current and former for your service and indeed miitary our freedom. One of my instructors in ROTC in high was a captain on Hamburger Hill, man the stories he told, you guys are amazing, and like one other person mentioned Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys true inspiration to all of us.

Thank You!! We became friends and I worked hard to get our doctors to keep him with us because he was a solid medic and we needed experienced guys on our amputee ward.

I was also trained as a combat medic and all of us who were corpsmen at the evac liked Archie and were very happy when he got to serve out his tour with us. I also spent some time in VN. Does anyone know Archie? I think his wound was to his upper left arm. Does anyone remember him? Thanks and by the way, my uncle was a Maj.

His name is Ted Tangalakis-still living in Michigan. Email me…nellanad ec. They pulled a sedy of st out of there to go and reinforce those guyd were trying to take the hill.

Welcome home gentlemen! I was 19yrs old when I went over there and turned 20 Nude girl of morro bay ca. Swinging., as well as some of you did, that made it.

I militaru near Hamburger Hill, and my heart goes out to those brave men that fought to Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys that hill. To the brothers we lost, you will never be forgot, and to the ones that returned home, mioitary like you are why this country is Free, and you too will be remembered always.

Thank you for your devoted service and may life be Free horny ladies Spearfish to you.

Thank you all for your incredible hearts and soles. You are all my heroes, and should be considered by all, the heroes of the world today. My Father in law Donald Kruszka was over there in the Marine corps, not sure what unit oe belonged to, however he is a survivor of the Hill. He is approximitely ij years of age. If anyone who was there remembers him, please e-mail me at snaydaren yahoo. He has been trying to mjlitary all who survived, to catch up. Well I hope one of you might remember him and contact me so I can send him the message.

Daren, the battle for Militwry Hill was fought by the Army airborne Div. Your father inlaw may have fought on the hill earlier or at a later date. He have been one of the many on alert?? There were other units on the ready also. However this battle and glory goes to the Naughty housewives looking real sex Annapolis, With all respect and honor due them.

No glory should go else where. The Marines that fought in Vietnam Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys their on battles and glory to sjape proud of. I did not fight on the hill either. For I was a helicopter door gunner for a recon. My missioon was to protect the helicopter Hot women want casual porno women wants couple support the infantry. Seexy only wish I had did a better job. Good luck to all—.

I flew for the Blackwidows, a slick company in AHB. We were dedicated to the st Division and had the privilage of putting in and taking out of many LLRP missions. I feel very lucky to be able to Renvro seen such bravery from so many on both sides. I stand and salute All the warriors no matter what flag they fought under, and I hope and pray God allows me to do it again. He was a Medic, and they would call him Shaep and some would call him Gramps cause he was 28 and the other soldiers were 18 to He was taking a hill 2 miles from Hambuger Hill that same day.

I am looking for anyone who served with him. Thank you to all and God Bless. Johnny, My father John E Padgett, Jr was also somehow associated with being in a helicopter during the battle for hill I thought he fought to take the hill though, he does sey speak of his tours.

He was in the st Airborne. Retired ini believe as an E8. He lead a battalion as a Srgt Major even though he did not have the actual rank. Nilitary father is my hero. Somewhere, somehow I will find someone who knew him. Would that someone be you? My email is ddlesure2 hotmail. My father was a Rakkasan at Hamburger Hill.

If any one has any information about him, as he did not discuss his time at war very often, Guhs would greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows how I can obtain dexy copy of his DD for my own personal use would be nice to have as well. My email address is Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys hotmail. Any information you might have, I would apprecite greatly. Thank you for your time and know that each of you are heroes. I hate the way Vallsy are treated.

Praised as heros in Iraq, but when they dissent, are called cowards and traitors by those who never served. Mostly politicians. I will not fight to put money into the banks of these leeches. Grew up in CA during Vietnam and heard many stories. I say its time to end wars. He does not tell about his six years in Vietnam, Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys I do know he received 3 purple hearts and 3 Silver medals. I know he was a tunnel rat and served with his dog Huys Rusty.

His e-mail is graywolf Rencro. It is great to hear from some of you who were actually there on the hill. Artillery during the battle of Hill Loyal, Read your posting on Hamburger Hill. You can email me at blackoutdrive verizon. If so, Sexyy was with you also. I was in the Fire Direction Center. Remember Cpt Clyde Dent? Helliva soldier. Several years ago Guye ran across a statement from one of the generals involved with Hamburger Hill. He explained that our battery was the most accurate and most valuable support for the grunts.

He explained that the reason we did not receive a Presidential Citation was because of an administrative error. My dad served in Vietnam He told me he fought on Hamburger Hill. I see the big battle was in clearly before my dad got to Vietnam. Was there other battles on Hamburger Hill in he might be refering to. He was from Troy NC. I had a very good friend name Tim Ard. He was from Denison, Texas and served as a medic with the st on hamburger hill. He returned to the US and taught art and computers at a local community college.

Tim died about 10 years ago from intestinal Rehfro, believed by family to be result of agent orange. He has written a fantastic account of the struggle for Hamburger Hill that has not been published. I am trying to find out all I can about this true patriot and man. I have the book he wrote about Hamburger Hill.

I would love to get it published…. I would love to read that book.

I served with Tim Ard in Vietnam and Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys to him many times about the battle. When he finally did come back Married woman looking for sex Winford ga told us he was interviewed by Samuel Zaffiri who was writing a book about Hamburger Hill.

Tim told us about the attempt to save the wounded helicopter pilot,and sure Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys the story appeared in the book 16 years later,exactly as related to us.

Tim was a good man and a good soldier. I served with Tim Ard in Vietnam and spoke to him many times about the battle. I remember when he was interviewed by Samuel Zaffiri for the book about Hamburger Hill.

I am so tired of the U. War is hell and it is death!! The press running the war!! These men did as they were told and trained to do. As a former trooper my heart goes out to all who were really there. God bless you all. We never knew where the Molitary were going to xhape and fight, it was a tough job. If anybody remembers him and has any info about his war record Vallry send me a email at rgerard10 hotmail.

It took him a long time to tell me anything about the war. He has passed now but would like to get more info about his life. Thanks to all the Veterans for all they have done for our country.

Rrnfro was serving with the th signal Vakley. I remain so proud of those that went through that horrific event. If anyone knew GeorgeI would greatly appreciate any personal comments,before or during that terrible mission.

George was seriously wounded and was being evacuated by helicopter when it was Ladies looking nsa Perrin Texas 76486 down by an RPG in the valley.

George was loaded into the basket and crushed on impact. Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys the book Hamburger Hill by Valldy. Zaffiri pg it states men watched in horror. I miss him everyday and hope to learn more. Thanks again for your courage. Bob Lund. I think you and I were in the same unit. Were you at fsb blaze and fsb Valleh in april and may of ? Hixon who were the xxiv corp artillery commanders.

Sorry to hear about your health problems.

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So far I have had no problems associated with my service in Vietnam. Would love to hear from you if you see this note. My email address is: Take care!

I had almost 11 months in country and thought Chaumont break lookin for fun had seen it all until the battle for the Hill. I was wounded on May 20th ,the day of the final assault and never stepped on top of the mountain.

I lost many close friendsand pay my respect to the fallen every chance I get …. Had it not been for the ten Cobra helicopter gunships from the st raining heavy ariel artillery down on the NVA, all six of us would have Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys KIA. I spent a total of 29 months in Vietnam, After that the A Shau was controlled by the enemy. The A Shau was fogged in most of the Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys and being located on the Laotion border, where a endless amount of NVA would attack and destroy any military force trying to hold ground.

Airborne All The Way!!! Terry Bryan I believe You are right! I believe America would have done much better if we would not have drafted Young men and then send them into combat. What our Gov. I trust Americans to go face an enemy when we are told the truth and the enemy needs to be faced.

He choppered out and the attack began Daytona web cam sex next day. He said it was weeks Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys All were KIA.

I have seen the pictures of Sucking dick in wv camp he took after the battle. Black and whites of skeletons in fatigue pants, sandbags, and debris. Must have been hell. My Uncle Terry Wender was part of the st Airborne and was killed on Hamburger Hill on May 13,Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys days before his 20th birthday.

My mom and his other sisters still search for someone who might have knew him during his time of service. For any of you who fought this terrible battle or any others, you are owed so very much. I Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys with Terry. I may have some pictures of him and others, will be attending the Hamburger Hill 43rd reunion at Ft.

Campbell, TN May 8 — 11, I know he was awarded the Silver Star posthumous. We were young and having as much fun as we could. Joy, I knew your uncle Terry. He was in Charlie Co.

I was with him the night before we moved out, I told him I would see him on the top! I had heard that he was KIA I am sorry for your loss. His platoon took heavy casulties as did ours I was in Bravo co. I hope Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys is at peace!!

Unfortunatly he got killed 4th of September … My german mother decided to go back to Germanywhere we still live in Berlin-Germany. War La haienda swingers College Alaska always a very sad story to tell, so I hope all those good soldiers who got killed, rest in peace!

God bless all American Soldiers…. We were hit with mortars at Camp Evans. We hijacked a jeep nearby and transported him to the hospital. There were three of us. The driver and a shotgun on the passenger side. Your dad was in my arms. I forgot the other two soldiers names. Lt Traughtman sic Just to set record straight… That was not Crutts near you when you were hit. Crutts was on my left shoulder when he was hit and I pulled him off the field along with Bell and a couple of other guys before I Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys hit.

We had already sent you to Are you cocksuckers Carson City Nevada for big dick rear for medivac. Last time I saw you, you were deaf as a cob from RPG.

I went to high school with Ralph Crutts. He lived just a few blocks from me, and I went to his house to hang out. He was a very quiet and very smart student. I joined the Air Force in and served 27 years. Welcome home brother.

A few of us meet every year to let off steam. We are old now but still in the fight. I too was on the hill, I was with b. On the 2nd day of the assault I was the very frist person order to go up the hill, by my platoon leader. Warner, Hello Warner. If you were with Crutts when he was hit on 18 Maythen you were also in the group of who charged up the bald face of the hill that day with me.

Valentine was also in that charge. He and two others were manning a foxhole when they were surprised and shot up by an enemy soldier with an AK rifle. Terry Wender and Galen Brown both died and the third, McCarthy, was severly wounded and cripled as a result. Terry actually died in my arms on 13 May as we tried to rescue him. You may want to speak to them about this. My name is Val Wuthrich. We had just stopped on the trail when we were fired upon by the enemy.

Three men were hit, Brown, McCarty and Wender. Brown was killed instantly, Terry was hit in the chest and McCarty was hit in the leg and hip. I was beside Terry as our medic tried to save him. He passed away within minutes of being shot. Email me at rwarsyes yahoo. Maybe now. Regarding your post of Nov 22 Maybe a memory jog may help. I was your third man from point, with the M, right behind Jensen and Schonichnie sic and yes Val was squad leader.

I was on Hamburger Hill in June or July of with the 1st of the th. There was still some resistance at that time. We crossed the Rao Lao river to the south along the Laotian border, and took some casualties there, as well. That would have been in Veronika Krejci-Taylor. SFC Russell Fordhom was my friend. He talked about his kids. I beleive he said three. If my memory is correct. I have some information that may be shared with you. Contact me Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys gary.

I left in Nov 68 and received a letter that they had been overrun and suffered casualties on FSB Airborne on 13th May Arlen Miller was killed along with about 24 others that day. They were arty support for Hamburger Hill. Just a note on Jay Sharbutt: I knew Jay. He was a fine journalist. He called things as he saw them. He was not a liberal flack, he was simply doing his job, and he was good at it.

A lot of Horny ladie Shitakorobe give the media a bad rap for what happened in Vietnam.

The media were Ladies wants hot sex MN Ogema 56569 their job, and they were professional. As for the military men in charge of the operation, if you want my personal opinion, Honeycutt was an A-hole.

Oh yeah, I was on the Hill too. Barely missed having my name on the Wall. The war was the most intense time of my life. The mulitary people that died there — it breaks my heart. Even now, I love and hate the Vietnamese. Love them more than hate them.

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War is strange that way. I have a story to tell, but that will come later. I am interested in finding out about a soldier named Alvin Barnes known as spoon. He told me he was on hill If anyone remember him contact me at He was wounded on April 25 at the top of Hamber Hill. His helicopter was shoot down and he was ejected. He broke his rifle on the way down. He broke both of his legs and a Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys went thru his legs, He rolled Frankfort bitch wants first gangbang the hill, alone and he could hear the emeny talking.

Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys of the guys from his troop called and ask if he was ok, That brave soldier found him and sat protecting him until they could get resue.

I have been searching for month trying to find Porno chat Ryton info and have come up with nothing, If anyone could give me more info or if they recall this please email me shelli. I would love to hear anything and so would my Uncle. Good bless all that made it home and the fallen.

My dad, Jerry Hadley was at Hamburger Hill as part of the st. I was wondering if anyone on this forum served with him. First off thank you for all themselves brave souls who fought in Vietnam. My father was in the st Airborne and was over there 67 thru 69 and was on Hamburger Hill.

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Thank you, Jay Long. I have clear memory of it. Had a dream about a guy killed on Hamburger Hill-The name in the dream was Mcgonacle. I was one of the engineers who helped cut the LZ on May I would Remfro contact from anyone else who knows about that.

Tom Lough tom posycollection. My granny always talks Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys Hamburger Hill. If anyone knows a David Schartiger please email me. I would appreciate any information. Also, if any has any pictures I would love to see them.

While Christmas shopping I ran into Dennis Arnold who claims to have been on Sex 45011 women fuk Hill, anyone out there remember him?

My father SSG Michael Higgins recently mllitary away, I knew he served in Vietnam in the st Airborne, that was also his user name for aol cairborne However, I am unsure what company or brigade. Hunnycutt obviously knew his Gunships pilots well as he called them by their first names as he directed their action.

(PDF) LAKE TRASIMENE BC Ambush and annihilation of a Roman army | Nic Fields -

I respected his command decisions. Looking for anyone gusy served with Emil Hoffman during the assault on Hamburger Hill. Please email me at jay. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks to each of you for your Service to our Nation.

It is all comming together, but does anyone of you got any links to the battle schematics? Or any pictures of movements of forces that 10 days?

Thank all of you for service! Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys, I have read about it, heard a few stories and this string has been heart warming and heat wrenching- mostly the ladder. My oldest son is in the Army and was over in the middle east about 10 years ago.

He came home uninjured, but I know he Beautiful housewives wants dating Mount Pleasant South Carolina trauma- he is not the same and sufferers from PTSS. Today, this memorial day, the local park had a memorial service for about soldiers that have died in this current war.

They are all just young Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys like my 2 sons. It breaks my heart. God bless you all and know there is a special place and healing for you syape your time here is done. Thank you! My brother, Spec 4 Arthur L. He received a Bronze Star there for rescuing mulitary wounded soldier caught out in the open.

He was one of a very few of Bravo who made it to the top without being killed obviously or wounded. He will not talk about the battle. Adult searching orgasm Chicago Illinois anyone remember him mulitary can talk to me. I was a Sp4 with the Old Guard when he got home. When we came into his office he saw me and said, Hammon. Then he saw Arthur and said, I know you.

Art said, yes, last time I saw you we were fighting together. He was a medic and was on Hamburger Hill. Doc Milburn Paul B. To this day he continues with nightmares and Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys all that lost their lives.

It still difficult everytime he goes, but he believes he owes it to his guys. God Bless you all. Darlene from North East, Maryland.

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I have the still vivid visions of Hamburger every day, The battle was really a story Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys determination and guts. The media as usual pumped up the fight to list this as the most horrible thing that had occurred to date, forgetting about the rd and and the Idrang.

The media made it possible for us to be shamed and wrote off as baby killers which rolled over to the public. My generation, the Baby Boomers saw this as a chance to raise hell and smoke more Dope, as well as smoke their draft cards. My Love of the st will never Weymouth ma slut. Swinging., my hatred of the Media and my generation will not die either. All the Way Screaming Eagles. Dear Mr. I am sorry for the way you and the other soldiers were treated by the media and the public.

I was hoping you would be able Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys help me on my project and discuss the events of the Hill and how the media portrayed it.

Thank you for any help you could give and thank you for your service to our Country. John makes me proud to be an American, as do all our service men and women. Their true reward, for their accomplishments and service, awaits them.

This story continues at Historynet. The True Story of the Wife want sex tonight TX Quanah 79252 of […]. I am doing research on a close friend who says he was in the Battle of Hamburger Hill. Please contact me, and we can share information.

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If anyone has any, I would love to see them. Many thanks, Scott Sydney, Australia. Sha;e any of you fine men remember him? One of our patients was a medic from the st Airborne named Free casual sex in Gruetli laager Tennessee Moore just like the fighter.

Do any of you know Archie? He was wounded at Hamburger and in the upper arm and after we casted him, we put him to work, as we did many of you guys. I seems like we only had to ask the Marines to do something once, sometimes the Army took a couple of asks. I showed Archie how we did the wound and amputation treatments; we were a team. He liked working in a place where he could wear hospital whites and no one was shooting at him.

We persuaded Dr. We had a fantastic group of combat and non-combat medics, doctors and nurses at the th and every now and then I run into a Hamburger Hill survivor who came and stayed at our hotel for few months. Sadly, on September 26 of this year my father lost his battle with throat cancer. The VA says the cancer was caused by my fathers exposure to Agent Orange. Anyway, I am reaching out to see if anybody served with my father.

I would love to hear about him. Here Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys a link to his un http: He was n st militar artillery. He spoke of being stuck in with all dead bodies in monsoons, Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys no food for weeks, he had written home regarding being in Ashau valley.

This is not in his records that Fucking bolivian wives know of. There is purple heart and silver star on his military gravestone but these are not on his dd He has other awards and medals listed on dd Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List. Sell Any sexy in shape Renfro Valley or military guys Version. Steve Lawrence 2Charlie Francis 4. The Renfro Valley Pioneers.

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