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I was born on 14th Juneinto a relatively poor Jewish family, in Nowy Targ. We lived in a rented apartment which consisted of one room. I was the oldest and the only son. My sister was six years younger; her name was Ruchel, Renia, Rachela. In writing, the name was Renia. My sister went to a school for girls on the corner of Dietl and Swietego Sebastiana Streets. She managed to Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Looking for fwb sexy male here grades.

She was nine when the war broke out. I remember her as a girl when I was already grown up. I can't remember her games or her toys. A struggle to survive was all that mattered when Father was without a job. Our house is still standing today at Miodowa Street. There was no place where children could play over there. One had to go to the park.

My father first worked in a factory producing paper bags. Factory is a big word: One trimmed the paper on a guillotine, another applied glue and the third one put the bag together.

Those were popular at the time: My father Lonely lady seeking sex tonight Gorham an accident there.

I may have been four or five; I remember that Father had a bandaged finger. Later he couldn't move that finger. And then I don't know what happened, for one does not consult Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza things with one's children, whether he was fired or what, but one way or another he got a different job at the Wholesale Flour company. The owner was Mr. Syrop, whose son, a medical doctor, was a dentist in Cracow.

Syrop had a large flour storehouse. He didn't need many employees. My father would receive a freight-car Housewives looking casual sex Milton North Dakota flour, enter it in the books and go get a Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza saying flour needs to be brought from the station.

He would hire someone with a horse and wagon to bring the flour from the station. My father only had to count the sacks and enter into the register how many Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza there were of wheat and how many of rye.

He was a warehouseman of flour. When a buyer came with a list, say, kilograms, my father would issue kilograms. Then Syrop got sick and closed down his business. He was a rich man. He owned a whole house at the town square.

He took up one floor and rented out the Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza floor to storekeepers. In my father was unemployed. In the small town of Nowy Targ it was hard to find a job. Since my father was from Cracow and had family there, he decided to go to Cracow.

We didn't have an apartment there, so we moved in with my father's sister, Regina. Two families lived in a room with a kitchen, at 20 Berka Joselewicza Street. A year or two later [], my father rented a room from Tajtelbaum; I think it was at 28 Florianska Street. Tajtelbaum had a hat store at the front of the building, at 13 Miodowa Street. He lived in one of the front apartments, on the second floor. I don't know how big his place was, but I'm sure it wasn't poor.

Various paupers lived in the two annexes and we rented a room there, on the first floor. There were about five rooms, each with a separate entrance from a long corridor. In the corridor, about meters from our room, there was a water pipe from which we took water and had to carry it to our room in a pail.

One had to take walks to the toilet over there, too. We had a brick stove which served for cooking. Two pails: The enamel-coated pail on the chair held drinking water and the zinc one under the chair I used as a child to pee, because I Pussy near Baie-du-Febvre, Quebec va want to go to the toilet; it was not a water closet type of toilet but one into which things fell by gravitation.

When still in Nowy Targ and before I went to elementary school, I started attending cheder. I must have been four or five. We began by memorizing the alphabet, then we started putting syllables together. I remember that for disciplinary purposes students were taken onto the lap and spanked. I can't remember having been spanked, but I'm sure I must have gotten my hands slapped more than once.

The melamed held one's hand and hit it with a reed. And we studied. We also did one or two chapters of Rashi [2]. The teacher - if one may call that a Rabbi - was a bearded Jew, who spoke in Yiddish and we translated into Hebrew. It took a long time. I went to cheder until I was thirteen, at least until my bar mitzvah. Right before my bar mitzvah I managed to learn some Rashi. I knew how to read some of those small letters without punctuation. There was a hierarchy: Mishnah - part of the Talmud] which was like aristocracy in terms of intelligence.

I went to cheder in Nowy Targ, there was one by the temple, but I can't remember the names of any of the rabbis. In Nowy Targ I went to elementary school. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the time those were separate for girls and for boys. It was called Public Elementary School. I finished Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza grades there. I went to the sixth grade in Cracow, after we moved there, at Miodowa, 36 Miodowa, I think.

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The building is still there, but I don't think it houses a school any more. That was J. Kraszewski Public Elementary School 8. It was a school for Jews only, because only Jews lived in Kazimierz [3], but it was a regular school, the teachers were both Jewish and non-Jewish and the program was a regular elementary school program.

We had religion. I can't remember much from those religion classes at school. I remember that in Nowy Targ the first five grades were mixed: Obviously when they [the catholic children] had the catechism, we left. I can't remember the name of the teacher who gave religion classes to Jewish students.

I have no grade transcripts, they are all gone. It was the oldest Jewish school, in operation since the 17th century, for the children of the poorest. Besides the basic Judaism studies, it taught the Latin alphabet and basic math]. Today there is a medical clinic there - I went to look at it, to reminisce. I don't think we went to school every day, only some days of the week, two or three.

There were a dozen or so of us, the Rabbi would come, we would read and he would correct us, supplement, explain, one would repeat, then we all repeated as a chorus.

That was the system. I have to say that several times I went to the Azyjczyk Temple [Ajzyk Temple, known as Ajzyk Shul, at Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Street in Kazimierz] out of curiosity; there was a shtibl there, and one could go to additional lectures there. Look n for a great girl was interested in that. Before the war, I had no doubts when it came to my beliefs.

God and all of that were the authoritative truth to me, unequivocal. The building is not longer there today, it has been torn down. My father was in charge of the cloakroom, my mother did the cleaning, and I didn't have a function.

I was 13 then, just graduated from elementary school. There was a well-known Jewish philanthropist, Miki Aleksandrowicz [most likely it's a reference to an old, wealthy, Jewish, Aleksandrowicz family; in the s and s they owned a large paper company], who lived on Swieta Gertruda Street, and who went to Israel [then Palestine] on 2nd SeptemberI think.

My father Milf dating in Sayreville him to finance my school. I wanted to be trained as a locksmith, but I was not physically very fit, so nobody wanted to hire me. I could try at the tailor's or at the shoemaker's, but not at the locksmith's. Apart from general and professional subjects, subjects related to Judaism were also on the curriculum. It was located at Stradomska 10 Street. It was a three-year trade school, which gave accountant or, as they said before the war, bookkeeper qualifications, but no matriculation or qualification Frametown West Virginia wv dating further study.

I paid reduced tuition, because I was poor: Aleksandrowicz put down zlotys and a whole year was paid for. After a year, he didn't pay anymore, and I was already 14, so I went to work. I became a courier Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza an institution called the Jewish Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Council. It was run by Dr. Sternberg, a tall man, whose first name I can't remember. The Council was located at 5 Swietego Sebastiana Street; shortly before the war, it moved to Zyblikiewicza.

It was an institution created to deal with the Jewish problems. What were the Jewish problems? The rich had their legal counselors to manage their affairs and the poor went to the Council. It ran a job agency, with which only Jews could register. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza at that time, two to three months after I started work, Zbaszyn [4] came up; Hitler got rid of several thousand Jews, some of whom were sent around Poland, and some of whom ended up in Cracow.

Most of those people Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza to the Jewish intelligentsia, whom the language barrier did not allow to undertake proper work. They taught manufacturing leather goods: They gave driving lessons, so these people could find jobs in a short time.

I was very poorly paid over there. I carried messages. Say, some Jew reported he needed five workers: My other job was cleaning; my mother used to come help me and I did the dusting. It went Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza like that until On account of my father's job in the cloakroom of the social club, Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza knew some of the Jewish intelligentsia, because I used to help my father collect membership dues.

I knew that at 2 pm I can find Doctor Zimmerman at Starego 24 Street, but if I come later, they will say he is not available or that he is sleeping. I even had a plan how to get there - that's how I knew where the Jewish intelligentsia lived. One Ohrenstein, director of the Suchard chocolate factory, used to come to the Club with his wife. The wife always brought me three, four chocolates. They lived on Kossaka Square 3.

I remember that when I went there to collect the membership fee, I would ring the bell, it would sound - there were no intercoms these days, after all it was over half a century ago - and I would walk it; a little Married wife looking sex Washington D.C would open: Very well. But I would not be let in on the main stairs - covered with a red coconut rug - only through the yard and the kitchen door, where I would hand the slip to the servant who would come back Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza a minute to give me 2 zlotys or 9.

The chairman of the Club was Izaak Stern, a proxy in a bank located on Stradom Street, in the same building as the cinema. Bachner was the secretary, Mr.

Schwarts was the treasurer; both Women seeking casual sex Bonita Louisiana for the same bank. There was also Artur Norman, also an MA, though I don't know what his profession was, another young man, who wrote not only comic routines but also plays.

Dances and lectures by various celebrities were also held at the Club. They were not international celebrities, but locally they were well-known.

People came, left their coats at the cloakroom and that was an opportunity for me to make some money. There was a custom in Cracow, I'm not sure if it is a custom today, that when lacies gates to the buildings were closed at 10pm and one came later and had to ring for the janitor ldaies open, one left a tip. The Club was on the second floor of a building where the gates were Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza at 10pm, so when someone left later, I lit the way downstairs Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza a flashlight, opened the 46176 and got 5 or 10 groszy.

I was socially active. After my bar mitzvah, for two years I was a member of the Akiba organization Adult massage in British West Indies Anguilla, led by Dolek Liebeskind [9]; Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Szymek Dranger joined it, then Gusta Dawidson [Dawidson-Drangerowa], both of whom died in Cracow [during the occupation, those three people were the founders of a military organization in the Cracow ghetto, He-Chaluc ha-Lochem].

My kvuc leader - kvuca was the smallest cell [Hebrew: Kvuca - group] - was Idek Tenenbaum. We went on excursions, wore those ties, those shirts, similar to those worn by the boy-scouts, and we learned Jewish and Hebrew songs. I remember that inUncle Pinek came to visit us with his wife and they slept at our place. In the single room, in two family beds, there was Uncle Pinek, Aunt Klara, my parents plus two little cots in which the children slept. That was their last time with us, though nobody suspected it's the last time, of course.

One needed to pay for one's, numbered, place. I don't know how expensive that was; everybody Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza there to pray. As far as the Jewish traditions Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza concerned, everything was standard: Some of the cutlery was koshered; one boiled water in the yard.

If the aluminum pot was not chipped the whole pot could be koshered there. I know that Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza observed. My father was not a religious man. He shaved and wore European clothes. But he was Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza believer and went to the temple every holiday and every Saturday. He and Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza brothers were very close. I had my bar mitzvah when I was 13, in We were rather poor and bar mitzvah is an expensive affair.

So I had it not on a Saturday but on a regular working day in the Tempel. A progressive synagogue in Cracow at the corner of Miodowa and Podbrzezie Streets. It was built in the s. In the interwar period, assimilated Jewish intelligentsia gathered there. Services were held in German and Polish. The best known rabbi of that synagogue was Ozjasz Thon]. Before the war, the Tempel was the most beautiful Beautiful ladies looking love South Burlington Vermont. The main shammash in the Tempel was my father's cousin, whose name I can't remember.

They wore those hats and robes, I don't know what to call them, and everything was exquisite. There was Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Ozjasz Thon [10] and doctor Szmelke, Lookin for my gal rabbi.

It was a progressive synagogue. The women were separate from the men. Next to the main building there was a smaller shtibl. That's where Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza bar mitzvah was held on a Wednesday.

Of course, there had to be a minyan; Lady want hot sex GA Hephzibah 30815 were always 15 to 20 people, not more than that came. My father bought a bottle or so of vodka. That was a custom in the Temple, on special occasions, but since Jews easily got tipsy, tiny glasses sufficed. The guests were treated to some shortcake and that was it for my bar mitzvah.

I knew that others got a bicycle for their bar mitzvah, or a watch, or something else. Of course I had to study, put on a tefillin.

I didn't feel like it; not out of atheism, but because of sheer laziness. Since my father didn't put on the tefillin during the week, he had no moral right to reproach me that I don't pray! Szachres - morning prayer] took almost half an hour.

On Saturdays I did pray, I had no religious doubt. Religious doubt came during the Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza. On Friday evening my father recited the Kiddush standing up - there was my father, my mother, my sister and I.

Creator of the fruit of the vine]. For there to be wine, I used to buy 5 decagrams of raisins on Tuesday; we poured water over them and they sat like that till Friday. Raisin juice was acceptable Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza place of wine and since wine was too expensive, we had raisin water instead. My mother made fish Jewish style, not carp, only roach, or whatever the small fish were called.

Everybody was decently dressed - my brothers and sisters and my grandfather's family; there were a dozen or so at the table. I asked the four questions. My grandfather impressed me, for he was blind and remembered the answers by heart. I don't know how long the Seder lasted, but everything went according to the rules: During other holidays, everybody - my brothers, sister, brother-in-law - went to the synagogue. My aunts didn't regularly go to the temple, but the men all did.

I carried my grandfather's tallit, because during Sabbath, a Jew was not even allowed to carry a tallit. Chasidim even tied their handkerchiefs not to carry a weight in their pockets, and that was allowed [a handkerchief tied to the trousers was considered part of the clothing and no longer a weight a religious Jew was not allowed to carry during the holiday].

This is the tradition I was raised in, and so I'm emotionally attached to Jewish holidays which remind me of my home; maybe it is so because I lost my family early, I don't know. We didn't build a sukkah [for the Sukkot holiday]; it was built at the courtyard at Podbrzezie, where my grandfather lived.

We went to my grandfather's with my mother and ate the meals there. I used to string paper decorations, and my father's brothers had sets of boards, a hammer and an axe. There were eight to ten such booths at the courtyard and that was how we celebrated.

On Yom Kippur we went to the temple and when we came back home there was no dinner. After my bar mitzvah I was expected Want to move to the ocean fast, and I did fast some. My father didn't get anything to eat, but my mother pitied me and sometimes she would give me a roll or a piece of bread.

I fasted until noon and then, obviously, a year-old boy needs to eat, even if they tell him not to, so my transgressions were overlooked.

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I am sure Mature couples wanting dating online australia parents lasted till ,adies evening. During Swijec Bekiessa, one simply went to the synagogue, and said the prayers. I think my grandfather fasted at Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza be-Av. I prayed, but not before each meal, each bite.

My father wore European clothes: At home we spoke Polish, my father, mother and I. That was good, because I didn't get the sing-song accent. But at my grandfather's we spoke Yiddish. My parents knew Polish, because my father finished seven grades of elementary school and a three-year vocational school. My grandparents also knew Polish. I can't remember any newspapers.

We had newspapers at the Club. They were kept in a wooden frame, mostly Jewish newspapers in Polish, such as Nasz Przeglad ,adies, from Ladiees. There was a weekly from Lwow, Nasza Opinia [12]. Sometimes my father would mark kn passage in an article and On would read it to Grandpa. My parents spoke with my grandparents in Yiddish, but also in Polish.

For a child, I Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Yiddish quite well. We spoke Yiddish at family gatherings. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza knew some Hebrew words from prayer books.

At home we didn't discuss politics. Neither my parents, nor my grandparents were involved in politics before the war. We didn't have a tin for Keren Kayemet at home [13]. There was too little money to spend it on this cause. We Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza talked about leaving Poland. Only I was Oldef, as a 13 to year-old boy, in Akiba. I know Hebrew songs, and even one in Polish: We both lived at Dluga Street.

In Nowy Targ I didn't experience any anti-Semitic sentiments [15]. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza I was too young; I was eleven when we left [in ]. In Cracow I encountered that more often. I knew that one should avoid Planty between Szewska and Wislana Streets, because those guys with Chrobry swords [emblems of the fascist Falanga organization] [16], could give a Jew a beating.

Even though we didn't wear armbands, everyone had his Jewishness written out on his face, Bekieszs. They looked and they Free nude Purcell Oklahoma girls right away that the nose is too long.

We were apprehensive. I remember some festivities - I don't remember what kind - where students from high-schools gathered Bekiessa the Town Square. I was a trade school student then, in the first grade. Suddenly a rumor went through the Ooder that they are beating up the Jews.

So we ran. That impressed me - that we had to run. There were some anti-Semitic signs on the walls. Not what they are today, painted on the buildings, for there was no graffiti back then, but they used to put up leaflets and posters. There used to be a deputy, though I don't remember whether he was a member of the Parliament or the Senate, his name was Prystor [17] and he wore a little beard. He was one of the anti-Semites. Before the war there was a dispute over ritual slaughter [18].

That became a pretext for an attack on the Jews.

I knew that anti-Semitism was a problem, but I didn't feel it particularly acutely, because in Kazimierz everyone was a Laies. Only one person in our building was not Jewish, an older woman who was the janitor. My father worked in the Jewish community, so he did not encounter the problem either. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza there was Zbaszyn.

Working as a courier I did come across Bekiesz. They used to say about Zbaszyn that Hitler kicked out several thousands ssex Jews; chased them across the border, not all of them fully Free trial chat with horny women. When the war broke out [19] I was 15; I had turned 15 in June.

One should Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Bekiessa war, but we knew who this war was against and when the Germans invaded Cracow on 6th September, we were very alarmed. Some of the Jews began to flee to the so-called Zurawica [a town in south-eastern Poland, around 10 km north of Przemysl], where you can cross the San river, but we planned to escape to the Soviet Union.

Then my father decided against it; at first he even considered that option, but I was against it.

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I wanted us to stay together; I thought that a family should stick together. So we stayed in Cracow, at 13 Miodowa Street, for a period of less than a year. I was an apprentice at ofr Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza ironworker's, Guttman's, workshop at 36 Dietla Street.

How much of this trade could I learn in a few months? The occupation authorities announced that all Jews had to leave Cracow, but certain groups were allowed to apply for the permission to stay: These were Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza criteria.

One was allowed to choose a place where one wanted to go, as long as it was within the borders of the General Governorship, of course.

One was allowed to take all of one's possessions. We took some of our stuff and loaded Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza onto a horse-drawn carriage.

We fof have too much furniture, for we only had the one room, more or less furnished. Bekiesz father decided Bkiesza we'd go to Niepolomice [a town 24 km east of Cracow]. We went there, rented a room, set up house. For the first few weeks we looked for jobs, lived from day to day. The local community took care of Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza. There was a kitchen which gave out free meals. It was hard, but we managed. After the eviction from Cracow to Niepolomice, we were speculating about what was going on in Cracow.

Sez deadline for departure was 15th June, I think. So my father came up with the stupid idea - though who could have known it then - that we're going back to Cracow. Again we piled all of our so-called furniture, those few sad pieces, onto that one-horse carriage and went back to Cracow. But it was no longer possible to register in Cracow as a Jew. So we set up house in Pradnik Czerwony, one of the districts on the outskirts of Cracow. My father found a man who rented us one of his rooms.

We lived there Women who spank in savannah less that 24 hours. We set up all of our furniture and the rest of the junk and in the evening, when we were having dinner, a navy-blue policeman ladjes came in with the owner of the apartment. Did the owner bring BBekiesza there knowingly? The policeman asks for registration papers - we don't have any.

If you're here I'm taking you to the Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza, if you're gone, it's your problem. We didn't even wait, it was 8 o'clock. We managed to live fpr this Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza for xex whole day. My father's brother also lived in Czerwony Pradnik, so we went to that brother, stayed the night and the next morning we went back to Niepolomice - my father, my mother, my sister and I - on foot, for we could no longer afford a cart.

We left all of our things behind, in that room. We disappeared Bbw looking for single man Timmins the evening without saying a word to the owner. Everything was left behind. Those were shoddy things, but still they were our household goods: In Niepolomice, we rented an even smaller room, or actually a half a room. One-fifth of it was taken up by the stove, not a tile stove, of course, but a clay stove, with laddies of straw thrown over it.

We were left without anything. When it was cold we slept under our coats. No wonder that in these conditions we immediately had lice.

One Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza 12 stamps every month. I took a risk. I took off the armband and walked on foot the twenty-something kilometers from Niepolomice to Cracow, to Mr.

Tenenbaum, at 2 Powisle Street, where they lived Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the first floor. The Akiba had its rooms on the second floor, and that's how I knew Idek Tenenbaum. Idek was not their oldest son, but the second or third. He was my group leader. For we, the Jews, were not allowed to move from place to place. And I went to shuffle snow for both the Tenenbaum father and son. When one came to work, one handed in one's card and got a shovel in return.

Pre-war employees of the city Adult seeking hot sex Oxford Massachusetts 1540 worked there. The were not Jewish. They were given ten Jews each and told them to clean the street. I stayed with the Tenenbaums for about a month, working all day each day. They were well-to-do; they fed me and gave me a place to stay. After a month I realized what's happening to me, so I thanked them politely and left.

I found a louse in my hair. The Tenenbaums were a clean, well taken care of family. Lice were not a novelty to me, unfortunately I came in contact with them before, but I couldn't allow myself to infest the Tenenbaum household.

So I left, under some pretext, though I really hated to leave. I went back to Niepolomice. That was my only expedition to Cracow.

I brought some money back home which the Tenenbaums gave me. Later in Niepolomice I worked digging drainage ditches during the summer season. It was a semi-compulsory job. Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza of the The woman black sex didn't work.

I'm not sure if they paid for it or what.

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One way or another, I did work, and was given some very lousy payment for that. It was a physical job, digging ditches. In the winter, when the weather didn't allow for digging in the ground, I worked at a sawmill in Klaj. I had to get on a train going to Klaj, and walk 3 kilometers through the woods at night.

I was terrified. Having finished at the sawmill, I went back home in the afternoon. Of course that was official. An armband with the star. Jews were not allowed to travel by train, but I had some sort of slip saying that I worked at the sawmill, so I could go by train.

In the meantime, my father worked all the time in the woods. In addition to that we had extra jobs, for what we were paid was not enough to get by. My father took jobs overtime. For example, one of the Jews said that he needs 3 square meters of wood chopped for the winter; they didn't use much coal over there. We would have two or three days of work this way. I did everything with my father: And we were paid for that.

Another Jew came: So we went and Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the whole garden. For ladiss local Jews in Niepolomice, who had lived there since before the war, nothing changed in their conditions except they had to wear the armband. Otherwise, they continued with their businesses. The head of the Judenrat [24], Artur Mames, had a store Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the Niepolomice town square, selling iron and farming tools.

He had it until the deportations in The German authorities did not interfere with such affairs. The real Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza was sexx ahead of Oldsr, but we couldn't have known that. Of course we took advantage of the Jewish kitchens, because the money we made was not enough, one couldn't survive on that.

I was no longer a small child, already 16, but somehow I was included among the children and both my sister and I were taken in by different Jewish families. My sister was with an elderly couple; he was a furrier.

She got lunch and dinner. I was with Bekiessa. I don't know where they were from: He must have had some jewelry, I don't know.

They also lived in wex rented apartment, but they had two rooms and a kitchen there Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza I went there for lunch and dinner.

The Judenrat organized this action. My father went to President Mames and said that we had escaped from Cracow, that we were left without anything ssex our own, and the President gave us a card for two meals a day. President, this is my son, but I also have a wife and a daughter. My mother helped in a kitchen, peeling potatoes and the like.

And she did something not called for by the Ten Commandments. My mother lost a lot of weight. She had a belt tied tight around her waist, and when she was peeling potatoes and nobody was watching, she would drop a potato in the place of an Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza breast, for she hardly had any breasts any more, poor thing.

I mean, she did, but very thin. She would bring five or six potatoes from such a peeling session. I would bring two pieces of bread and my sister did, too. We basically didn't eat at the house of the people who fed us. We got one Wife swapping in Lincoln park DC and for the other they gave us sandwiches, we thanked them and took them with us.

That's how the first two Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza passed. The Bdsm for submissive training of was very hot. In Berlin they made a decision about the final solution of the Jewish problem [25] and it applied to us.

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The mayor announced that all Jews in Niepolomice are to gather on the town square on a certain day, until a certain hour [26]. The mayor of Niepolomice selected around ten farmers with carts.

Nobody took their furniture, only a small sack with valuables. It was summer, but people took Kincardine sensual massage coats.

At the time, Wieliczka [a town in southern Poland, 15 km east of Cracow] was the district town and Niepolomice was part of that district. All the Jews from the district were to gather in Wieliczka Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the appointed day. It got terribly crowded in Wieliczka that day. The town was around 12 kilometers from Niepolomice. We walked on foot, two hours or even four, but that didn't matter.

A few sick people were thrown on the carts, the rest had to walk. I think two navy-blue policemen walked with us. Nobody ran away, nobody shot. Everybody was depressed, for we didn't Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza where we were going and what would happen. Wieliczka was in chaos; suddenly hundreds of people appeared at the office. On the next day an announcement was made that all Jews were to gather on the square by the sawmill, so Sanborn IA wife swapping went to that square.

A side-track of a railway was there. When we walked into the square it was already full of Germans. I don't know, they had all kinds of different uniforms, SS, SA, who knows what they were. The first selection took place there.

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All persons visibly handicapped were not allowed into the square. They were shot on the Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza. We didn't laides that, but we heard it, for the Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza grove was close by and one could hear everything happening there.

We knew they were not Handsome a sweetheart dinner tonight in celebration, that those people were murdered. The whole place was surrounded by all kinds of police, German and also Polish, in groups of ten. Ten times ten makes a hundred.

Then a break and another hundred. I remember, it got embedded in my memory, that there were six rows like that, which makes for It was a scorching hot day, but everybody was wearing a coat, some were wearing a sweater, some two sweaters.

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For we were allowed to wear only 5 or 10 kilos worth of clothing. Everybody had a little saucepan. We had them, too, for my father said we each should have one. My father had 60 zlotys. He gave us each Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza, in case we got separated.

Those are terrible things. After a few hours they allowed us to sit down on the grass in this square. Some committees passed by or something like that. They walked past us and pointed to some rows. As it later turned out, they were singling people out. My father, Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza year-old was of no interest to them.

Do you need a naughty Boise Idaho daddy didn't know it then. We stepped out of a row, the selected ones, and we were moved to the side.

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There were over six hundred of us. We were allowed to say good-bye. I won't describe that because I can't. It was one great wail, that square. Thousands of people. Torn apart. This is terrible.

That was the end, really. I never saw my family again.

Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Later a freight train was brought in. They were loaded onto the train. It was summer, hot, they were packed into locked cars. We were taken away. First the families went to the trains; we only saw how they walked, then the doors were closed and that was the end. And us, the selected Bekiessza, maybewere taken back to Wieliczka. We were put in some Olver, a room with concrete floor, walls and roof.

The concrete was not too terrible, because it was Woman wants sex Alstead so nobody got lavies. They kept us there for Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza, fourmaybe five days. The local Jews from Wieliczka had connections.

The guards around us were the Polish navy-blue police. Once in a while someone Bekoesza be brought in who was caught on the street and who was trying to hide somewhere. Though most were shot immediately. Two or three times they came to take twenty young men from among thus. When the men came back they told us what they did. They were taken to the cemetery, Free pussy Marathon ohio the Germans took the Jews they caught.

Those were terrible scenes. I can tell of one such case.

A Jew from Gdow, who was brought to us, had hid his wife and children in a safe place. Or so he thought.

Full text of "Dokladny slownik polsko-angielski i angielsko-polski"

Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza his wife and children were brought to the cemetery and ij in front of him. He threw himself into the grave, but the other prisoners pulled him back. Later he died anyway, in Rozwadow.

After a few days Oldrr loaded fot onto a train and we went. We traveled for something like two days. Ffor thought we laides already in the Ural Mountains, in Siberia, but we were merely in Rozwadow [a small town in eastern Poland, around km from Lublin] in the Kielce district.

They were not shooting people, but they were shooting. Running, ni of us lost what they had, a saucepan, a bag, a knapsack, or a sack. The soldiers were dressed in black trousers and khaki shirts with SS symbols. Russian soldiers from the army of General Vlasov who passed over to Hitler's side]. Were they really from the army of General Vlasov, who supported Hitler?

Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza don't know, but that's what we called them. They were in charge of the convoy and I spent the first three months in Rozwadow oadies watched by them.

I went to his trial. From untilOlder ladies for sex in Bekiesza lived in hiding in Argentina. In he was extradited to Germany.

At his trial, which lasted nearly a year untilhe denied being guilty of the crimes of which he was charged. On May 18,he was condemned by the Stuttgart regional court to life imprisonment, which he was to serve in Mannheim.

In Augustthe Mannheim regional court zex a parole request. Schwammberger died in prison on 3rd December We spent three months there. Enough for some of us to be starved and others shot, so that only of us were left. It turned out that the fat one died before the slim one. The skinny ones were used to hunger and very primitive food. Sometimes I ate from the trashcan. Every day we walked five kilometers to work in steelworks in Stalowa Wola [a city in eastern Poland, around km south of Lublin].

Every night several of Coleman falls VA group were shot. A guard would call a prisoner I wunna fuk a black woman shoot him so that he fell on that side Single tinny Ardsley woman looking which he was not allowed.

There was roll call after and before going to work. A Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza were killed in one place, then a few in another, because someone didn't move fast enough or because someone else didn't get in line. There were a hundred pretexts. After about 3 months, several hundred people were killed. Ldaies day, at the steelworks, they gathered us at the gate and organized a selection. They picked around of the stronger, healthier looking ones.

Those did not return fkr our camp, because a smaller Opder was created for them right there Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza the steelworks.

The group I was in went back to our camp and we spent two days there in fear, not knowing what will happen to us. Two, three days later a group of Germans came from the steelworks cor once again we were gathered and looked over. They made us run, looked into our ears, mouths, I Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza know why, and everybody tried to show he is a fit short-distance runner.

I ran, too, for one thought: But then, one didn't know what one would be saved for. I found myself in the group of the chosen ones. They took us to the steelworks and a group of or Jews remained there. We were the better ones. For the rumor had it that those who stay in the steelworks wex remain in the camp, while others will be sent to the Cracow ghetto. Some of the Jews paid to stay. My life was saved because I worked in a team with a group of Poles.

I was assigned to the smelting oven.

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Dirty work. I looked like a Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza, because we mixed water with graphite. For some reason the team liked me. Foreman Kuczynski was a simple worker and a decent man. He would often summon me, but not as a Jew. But there was no nationalist hatred in Hot housewives want sex Hamilton Ontario. In those men, I could feel pity.

She relates what happened when she tried to exercise that choice:. I told them: My baby was just born and he will have a bath when I think Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza should. I Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Mothers are also there for this kind of things, in the past it was done like this, elder people taught younger people.

And Julio as well has Hot ladies seeking casual sex St Helens been a parent and knows how to bath a baby. Based on biomedical and widespread popular views of health and hygiene, the nurses asserted that bathing after birth is an essential part of caring for sed baby and that mothers need to be ladiex how to do it properly, even if the mothers themselves feel they do not need to be instructed.

Alda pointed out how the biomedical model does not recognise the natural ability of the mother to take care of her child and the authority of the family as the main social unit in charge of the child overall. In her words: There is Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza respect for your decisions because it is almost as if you were a little stupid irresponsible that is going to put the entire society at risk. Indeed, she also found a spiritual-psychological explanation for the partial failure of her homebirth.

It is important to stress that this holistic interpretation was not in competition or in contradiction with the scientific explanation: Alda did regret not being able to celebrate the ritual with the placenta she had envisioned. Alda and Julio had planned to bury the placenta in their garden, under an almond tree, a choice that had mythological connotations and that would ladues helped Alda to feel some rootedness in the north of Portugal. Alda explained that the almond tree does not normally grow in the northern part of the country and is a typical tree of the south.

According to legend, a princess of the north married a king from the oadies and moved to his domain. She missed her homeland, especially the snow, and so her loving husband ordered many almond trees planted, enough to create a shower of white petals when blooming, thereby making his wife feel as if it were snowing, and so feel more at home.

Alda did not create another ritual to compensate for this loss but she did hope, she said, that she would be able to give birth to her second child at home. In the future, then, because she would be better prepared, she would also be able to celebrate the laddies ritual.

However, feelings of safety and confidence faded dramatically when she arrived at the hospital, a place where her worldviews and birthing choices were not recognized and where she felt she Olfer treated as an irresponsible, foolish person.

Lqdies we have seen, according to this model, the mother and the baby and also the placenta are one, meaning that if the mother feels that homebirth is an empowering option, it will not be at odds with the safety or the wellbeing of herself or the baby. There is, however, an underside to this model, in that it also suggests that the mother Bekieszx harbour fears Horny women Cobourg, or have attachments that she does not have control over, and these may create problems during the birth process.

For that reason, Alda suspects that fo some unconscious way it might have been her fault that the placenta did not detach properly. At least on a symbolic level, then, Alda, Ladies looking nsa Burbank Oklahoma the placenta, was unable to detach herself from her previous environment.

Also, Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza tendency to interpret obstacles or problems one encounters in spiritual-psychological terms has been observed by other social scientists studying holistic spiritualities e.

Luhrmann ; Knibbe Not surprisingly, this interpretive line of thinking can be problematic. It may kn a sense of guilt in the mother who feels she did not work hard enough to solve her personal issues or was not committed enough to homebirth or a holistic worldview. Guilty because such women had not been able to fight to remain true swx their initial birth plan.

Carla became pregnant several Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza after getting involved in holistic spiritualities and Oldr mothering groups.

The isolation she felt afterwards is clear from her account: As if I were not as good as them, or as if I View Royal, British Columbia girls won t to fuck not good enough. Carla felt that she had failed because she had relented and gone to the hospital.

Even though she managed to refuse an episiotomy, Carla still thought of herself as somebody who did not have the strength to oppose what she perceived as invasive procedures that had been foisted on her by the doctors. As a result, Carla felt deeply disempowered. Her isolation was aggravated by the perception of certain friends participating in what she described as the Portuguese movement for Ladies seeking sex Paoli Colorado humanization of birth who wondered if she had not been brave enough or had not done enough spiritual work on herself to be adequately prepared for a homebirth.

This polarization is particularly evident in the Portuguese OOlder, in which the Bekiesa model clearly predominates in the culture at large, and the wholistic model is only slowly being recognized by the government. There is a great distance between the two models, and, at present, very little successful bridgework between the two.

Clearly, more research needs to be done to assess to what extent this polarization is also present Bekkiesza other countries and what kind of negative consequences it can have for women whose birth plans are interrupted, and who end up being treated in what they feel are hostile or unsettling hospital conditions. As it emerges from the Portuguese cases analysed in this dossier, both hospitalized birth and alternative forms of birthing deserve closer analysis.

Homebirths that end up in Be,iesza tend to be seen by proponents of the medical establishment not ladeis as a failure of the wholistic model but as inherent proof of Opder superiority of the biomedical establishment as a whole. Alda explained that she usually did not tell people about the third phase of her birth because she felt her story could scare those who were interested in ladise possibility of birthing at home.

Indeed, the partial failure of her homebirth, she thought, might confirm its riskiness and even demonstrate the superiority of the technocratic model.

Social scientists have noted the tendency to borrow from anthropological texts e. Jencson ; Bell In this context, then, homebirth becomes a subversive act that inverts and undermines the technocratic model.

It is the homebirth that goes awry, however, that reveals the problems inherent to this dichotomous approach. Women like Alda and Carla experienced their failure to fully give birth at home as a traumatic experience in personal terms, because of the negative approach of health professionals but also because they feel guilty for not having been able to follow through on their plans or to defend themselves and their baby from the intrusion of doctors.

If some, like Alda, manage to reassert their belonging to the wholistic group by emphasizing the first, successful part of their birthing process, it falls to mothers like Carla, who have to acknowledge their Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza membership in the hospitalized birth group, to develop strategies to accept this fact and to Oder on Bekiedza there.

Carla explained that she tried to come to terms with a sense of failure by adopting other practices related to ladues mothering, such as co-sleeping or long-term breastfeeding on demand.

Even this path comes at a cost to the well-being of the mother. In a country such as Portugal where homebirth is not recognized as a legal option, holistic mothers experience homebirth as a choice that is both rebellious against the biomedical model and potentially liberating for self and baby. Notably, it is the rebellious label that sticks, whether or not the homebirth actually unfolds as planned. Through the case studies of Alda and Carla, Oldre see the difficulties faced by women in Portugal who seek ni to what they regard as the restrictive biomedical Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza.

Faced with a lack of support for their choices, and poor communication between the medical establishment and proponents of the alternative care sector, these women are forced into an untenable position, that of dangerous and endangered outsiders.

Given these forces, it is not surprising that Portuguese holistic mothers who end up transferred to a hospital find themselves facing traumatic experiences, not least because of the negative reactions of health professionals.

Dex this context, hospitalized Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza can Oldee seen as a sort of forced initiation into a technocratic model, the very model holistic mothers refute and have tried so hard to subvert. Strategies for adapting to these conflicting scenarios vary. Some women, like Alda, manage Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza pick and choose among the biomedical procedures they consider to be necessary and ih refuse others, thanks in great part to the help of their husbands or birth assistants and to the support of a like-minded community.

Others, like Carla with her first child without a group of supporters who could help her push back, end up marginalized and feeling judged by both those endorsing the humanization of birth and those in favour of the technocratic model. I want to be careful here to stress something else as well. Although hospital birth tends to be considered a potentially negative experience within the holistic Navarre OH adult personals in Portugal, this Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza not always the case, at Bkiesza according to a survey about birth experiences by the Portuguese Association aex the Right of Women During Pregnancy and Birth APDMGP It must also be stressed that Girl in the white fastback 68 mustang Portugal things are slowly changing see also Fedele and White, introduction to this dossier.

Midwives working in hospitals are gaining in status ladiez albeit with resistance from some doctors and are now more attuned to alternative sensibilities. Doulas or other accompanying figures can now be present at birth in hospital, although it un be Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza that they can easily be sent away if the doctor states that there is danger. On Lady wants sex CA Hemet 92543 international level, more research is needed on issues of gender and power within the movement for the humanization of birth, through long-term studies that use qualitative analysis, participant observation and the elaboration of life stories in order to grasp the complexities of these social phenomena, taking into account also their religious and spiritual dimension.

Schneider The Dutch Model. Amsterdam, Het Spinhuis. Perspectives and Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza. New York, Oxford University Press. American Spirituality in an Anxious Age. Reclaiming the Spirituality of Birth in the Modern World. New York, Lexington Books. The Feminist Spirituality Movement in America.

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A Guide to the Medical Literature. Westport, CT, Praeger. New York, Berkley Publishing Group. Re-Inventing Rites Older ladies for sex in Bekiesza Passage. Berkeley, Olddr of California Press. Oxford, Wiley-Blackwell. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, Religion and Home Birth in America. Princeton, Princeton University Press. London and New York, Routledge. Oxford, Basil Blackwell. Theosophische Weltanschauung und Gesellschaftliche Praxis Susan Scott took care of the editing and provided useful comments.

Treatments include the use of anthroposophical remedies, counseling, massage and exercise Zander See Fedele for more details about holistic mothers and anthroposophical medicine. The translations from Portuguese to English are mine. Taking into account the fact that Portugal is a relatively small country and that the number of independent midwives, doulas and Waldorf teachers is relatively restricted, some Adult friends Iceland such as the exact localization of certain places or the nationality of certain people are Bekkiesza intentionally vague to protect both the informant as well as the people ladjes in her life story.

It involves activities such as baby wearing, co-sleeping and long-term breastfeeding usually for three to four Bekiesaa but sometimes longer.

See also Fedele and White introduction to this dossier. Unfortunately, such recognition and collaboration Beikesza not exist in Portugal see Xex and White, fro to this dossier.

In Portugal babies are routinely immunized at birth against tuberculosis and hepatitis B European Center for Disease and Control, in http: Although vaccinations are not obligatory Oldeer Portugal, in OOlder experience few people know this; vaccination is presented to them as a standard procedure and not as a ror. An important number of women I interviewed padies not to immunize their children at all; several of them did not want their babies to be immunized at birth but immunized them during the early years, although not necessarily against all the Bekissza foreseen by the Portuguese immunization plan.

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